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You are advised, for security reasons, not to record your client code on the login page as internet Explorer may allow. To do this follow these steps: Go to Tools / Internet Options / Content, then click on "AutoComplete"/ Settings, unmark "User names and passwords on forms", and click on "Delete passwords". You are also advised to click on "Delete forms" so to ensure the security of your bank details. Last, for prevention purposes, remember not to give your access codes to anyone. Having on your workstation an antivirus that is regularly updated is a must since it ensures a secure access.

Whenever you are sent an e-mail asking you to access the bank website in order to either update your details, or change your authentication setting to implement a "security alert", the following security steps must be complied with:
- Do not reply to the e-mail.
- Do not click on any link in the e-mail.
- Do not send your subscriber code.
- Delete the e-mail.

Yet, this kind of message usually seems to be sent by your bank and displays a link that leads to a genuine copy of the site of a bank meant to capture your access codes.


To access the transaction site of the bank rather than a fake one, type yourself the exact address you were provided with by the bank. You are advised to type the exact URL of SogeCashNet website instead of accessing through a search engine like Google.

If you are having problem accessing SOGECASH NET site or if you think there has been an attempt to steal your confidential details, please contact us immediately during business hours.